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If you have a bunch of frozen dinner rolls you don't know what to do with, these amazing Rhodes Rolls recipes are for you!

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (1)

There is a confession I need to make. I am a carbaholic. I typically don't discriminate- noodles, bread, rice, I love them all. But. If I had to pick a favorite... bread. I love you, bread.

Thank goodness I don't live in Europe, because my husband tells me they have fresh bread all over the streets there. Probably not ideal for my health.

Rhodes Rolls Recipes

Anyway. The problem with bread is that it is the best fresh, and most nights I simply don't have extra time to spend in the kitchen. That's why Rhodes rolls and I are like BFF's. We buy the huge bag at Costco and they don't even last very long.

If you are a novice you will think that Rhodes Rolls only make rolls, ha! There is too much goodness to go around, so I thought I would round up a few delicious and easy frozen dinner roll recipes to rock your world today. Carbaholics unite.

Breakfast Recipes Using Rhodes Rolls

Might as well start with the most important meal of the day, right? Here are some beyond delicious breakfast recipes you can make with Rhodes Rolls.

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (2)

Easy Cranberry Orange Monkey Bread, or pull apart bread, is an easy semi-homemade overnight breakfast recipe! It’s made with frozen Rhodes rolls, sprinkled in orange zest and sugar, drizzled with butter, and topped with gorgeous red cranberries!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (3)

These easy orange rolls are handy to make. These are so delicious and just looking at them makes my mouth water.


Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough Recipes

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (4)

Use Rhodes Warm N’ Serv Rolls to make Quick and Easy Pretzel Rolls in less than 15 minutes!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (5)

Garlic pull apart bread is simple to prepare and the perfect companion to a warm bowl of soup! It utilizes frozen roll dough balls to save you time!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (6)

When I lived in Utah, I frequently visited The Pizza Factory so I could devour their delicious twisted breadsticks. There’s something so appealing about eating a breadstick that’s actually wrapped around a stick!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (7)

These Magleby’s Rolls are delicious and easy to make and taste just like the restaurant version! They are buttery and delicious, and are topped with garlic, butter, and parmesan cheese.


Rhodes Dinner Rolls Recipes

Okay who is ready for some hearty and delicious dinner recipes? My kids LOVE this next one...

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (8)

Easy Homemade Hot Pockets

WAY better than store bought hot pockets, our kids love taking these sandwich pockets lunches!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (10)

You will love these homemade ham and cheese hot pockets! So easy to make, and they save great for the week's lunches.


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (11)

My kids love making these personal pizzas and the Rhodes Rolls make it so easy!


Dessert Recipes Using Rhodes Rolls

Saving the best for last, let's round things out with some fantastic dessert recipes.

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (12)

Rhodes rolls makes the most mouthwatering monkey bread. And when it snows (or heck, even when it’s just cold or rainy or gloomy), we all crave a pan of that warm, buttery bread slathered in cinnamon and sugar to pull apart and devour.


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (13)

How incredible do these homemade doughnuts look? My kids are begging to try this recipe.


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (14)

Made with frozen dough, these Lemon Pull Apart Rolls couldn’t be easier! They have a crunchy lemon sugar topping, and a drizzle of lemon icing. People can’t get enough of these lemon sweet rolls!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (15)

A simple way to serve your family an outstanding breakfast treat. Starting with store bought cinnamon rolls, blueberry pie filling and the best crunchie topping. It’s one of my families favorite breakfasts!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (16)

Rhodes Rolls Recipes FAQ's

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions you may have about using Rhodes Rolls.

Can You Thaw Rhodes Rolls Overnight?

Absolutely! Just place your pan with your frozen dough on it in the refrigerator over night. Pull out of fridge when ready to cook and rolls should be about double in size.

What is the Fastest Way to Thaw Rhodes Rolls?

This is what the Rhodes website says about thawing, "boil 1 or 2 quarts of water in a shallow pan and place pan of water on lower rack in oven. 2. Place rollson upper rack in oven. Let dough rise about 1 hour, until double in size."

Is anyone else salivating? Or is it just me? The bag of Rhodes rolls in my freezer is in serious trouble, I can tell you that much! If you need even more Rhodes Rolls recipe inspiration check out Rhodes blog, I just discovered it while writing this post and I can already tell it is rockin.

Happy carb loving, friends!

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (17)

If you liked this post, you may also like my aunt Val's famous caramel or the world's best breakfast casserole.

Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (18)Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (19)


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  1. Alexis

    I’ve made burger stuffed rolls with these! Made a chopped meat mixture with an onion and some spices… after the rolls doubled in size I wrapped it around a scoop of meat and sealed at the bottom. Bake them until golden brown ..


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      Those sound amazing!


  2. Lola Osinkolu | Chef Lola's Kitchen

    My kids are similarly carboholic, surely saving this!


  3. Ali Romero

    This is perfect! I ended up with about 2 bags of frozen rolls and wasn't sure what to do with them all, other than eat them plain :*( Thank you!


  4. som

    I want to try all 25 recipes! They all look good!


    • Jessica

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  5. Sabrina

    So many amazing options! The only hard part is trying to decide which one to start with first!


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    That monkey bread is MOUTHWATERING!!!


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    I Love stumbling on blog posts that have several easy yummy meal options! Its like a one stop shop! so good!


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  8. Pam Dana

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  9. Kathy

    Several of these photos looked so good but I can't find the RECIPES anywhere! Are they here somewhere? I've scrolled up and down 3 times.


    • Jessica

      All you do is click the name of the recipe and it will take you to the post! I'm so sorry for the confusion!


  10. Rhodes Bake-N-Serv

    You guys are our new favoritest bloggers! Thanks for the awesome post! :D


    • prettyprovidence

      Yay!!! You are our favoritest foods ever! Too good not to share!


  11. 4 little Fergusons

    Good Morning, Jessica! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing Easy Bierocks!!! They are a family FAVORITE... I hope you all love them as much as we do.


    • prettyprovidence

      You are so so welcome!! They look soooo good! Can't wait to try them, thanks for sharing such a yummy recipe!


Delicious & Easy Rhodes Rolls Recipes (2024)


How to use Rhodes frozen rolls? ›

Place frozen rolls evenly on pan and cover with plastic wrap sprayed with cooking spray to keep from sticking to rolls while rising. BAKE – Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Carefully remove plastic wrap. Bake 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.

How to jazz up store-bought rolls? ›

9 Easy Ways To Upgrade Store-Bought Dinner Rolls
  1. Bring on the Cheese. Amaze your guests with a TikTok-worthy cheese pull! ...
  2. Garlicky Goodness. If you like garlic bread, then make garlic butter dinner rolls. ...
  3. Presto, Pesto. ...
  4. Only the Freshest Herbs. ...
  5. Spice It Up. ...
  6. An Italian Twist. ...
  7. Add Your Favorite Spice Blend. ...
  8. Cinnamon Sugar.
Nov 17, 2023

What makes rolls taste good? ›

Salt: any rolls or bread would virtually be flavorless without salt! Garlic Salt: is my secret ingredient in both my homemade pizza dough and this dinner roll recipe. It is optional, but I never make this recipe without it. It adds flavor and depth to the rolls.

Why won't my Rhodes rolls rise? ›

Why did my dough not rise? Sometimes dough has been allowed to thaw and refreeze, which can deactivate the yeast. Also make sure the dough does not have ice crystals or is close to the expiration date. Make sure you don't buy thawed dough at your store.

How long do you let Rhodes rolls rise? ›

Cover with sprayed plastic wrap to keep them. from sticking while rising. Let rise 3 to 5 hours, until rolls double in size.

How to make frozen Rhodes rolls rise faster? ›

Speed Thaw Method – Use with Caution

Preheat oven to 200°F. Then turn the oven off. Boil 2 quarts water and put in a pan on the lowest rack. Put rolls in the oven and let thaw and rise until double in size.

Can you bake frozen rolls without thawing? ›

You can bake these frozen rolls either thawed or straight from the freezer: → To thaw the dinner rolls, remove the rolls from the freezer the night before you want to serve them.

Can I let Rhodes rolls rise overnight? ›

Spray your pan with cooking spray. Place frozen dough on your pan. Cover with sprayed plastic wrap to keep from sticking to dough while rising. Place your pan in the refrigerator overnight or all day long.

How to make store-bought rolls taste like homemade? ›

Use fresh herbs. Brush melted butter onto your dinner rolls and add your choice of fresh herbs—I like fresh thyme leaves. Bake until the herbs and rolls are toasted, then sprinkle on some flaky sea salt.

How to make store-bought rolls taste good? ›

Sprinkle with fresh herbs.

After that healthy brush of melted butter, sprinkle some finely chopped fresh herbs over the rolls. Use whatever you have on hand. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano are all great contenders.

How do you doctor up store-bought dinner rolls? ›

When it comes down to upgrading store-bought dinner rolls, adding flavor is key. By adding melted butter, fresh herbs, and flaky salt atop your commercial rolls, you're almost instantly transforming mediocre grocery buns into flavorful accompaniments.

Why do my homemade rolls have no taste? ›

Salt adds flavor to bread. If none or too little is used in a recipe, the bread will lack the right flavor and taste "bland." If you reduce the amount of salt, try adding some dried herbs to increase the flavor. Too much yeast in bread will give bread an off-taste.

How to make rolls taste more yeasty? ›

Use lots of yeast, and short fermentation times. Prefer cake yeast over the dried types. Fresh yeast has a specific taste and aroma, which disappears during fermentation, giving you a different, bready taste, which is not the same as yeast taste.

What to put on top of rolls before baking? ›

Butter basting: Rolls can be brushed with butter before, during, or after baking. While it doesn't brown the surface as much as egg wash will, it does promote browning and adds a lot of flavor.

How to defrost rhodes rolls quickly? ›

Can you thaw Rhodes rolls in the microwave? - Quora. The quickest way to thaw frozen bread dough is in the microwave. Spray a microwave-safe plate with nonstick cooking spray and place the dough directly on the plate. Microwave on the defrost setting, uncovered for three to five minutes.

How to thaw rhodes frozen bread dough quickly? ›

The bread dough thaws best in the microwave. Microwave 5 minutes on the defrost setting for one loaf of frozen bread dough. - Tips prepared by Rhodes Bake-N-Serve.

How to defrost rolls quickly? ›

Wet a few paper towels and then wring out so that they're damp, but not soaked. Cover the rolls with the paper towel, making sure that the tops are completely covered. Microwave for a minute at a time, checking after each minute to ensure that the rolls are defrosting, not cooking.

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