3 Fully Remote Jobs Hiring Now That Pay Up To $200,000+ In 2024 (2024)

When you're faced with the stark reality that most employers are jumping on the RTO (return-to-office) bandwagon, the prospects of ever landing a remote job again can appear to be pretty bleak, right?

That being said, it still doesn't stop you from scouring the web, hoping that somehow, somewhere, there must be an employer that has the perfect job for you, which ticks all your boxes, and of course, allows you to work 100% remotely.

Well, thankfully, your searches are not in vain.

Regardless of the fact that remote jobs seem to be few and far between, there are still employers who are staunch advocates of flexible and fully remote working. Some even have work from anywhere policies, which means you can literally take your laptop on an adventure anywhere in the country—or in the world for that matter—and explore life as a digital nomad while working in your dream job.

If you're yet to locate these jobs, take a look at some of those listed below (which are currently available at the time of writing). These are jobs that have recently been advertized as being fully remote, also come with the added advantage of a six-figure salary—paying more than $100,000 on average in 2024.

1. Technical Program Manager—Microsoft

This remote program management job by Microsoft allows up to 100% work-from-home, and the stated average base pay range falls between $81,900 and $160,200. This job is open to degree-holders and non-degree holders alike, granted they have equivalent experience. This is one out of many instances in which companies such as Microsoft and Google are breaking down hiring barriers and promoting skills-first hiring while eliminating the degree requirement.

Upon analyzing the role, some of the core skills and knowledge areas you should aim to include in your resume when applying for this position (only if you possess them) include:

  • Machine learning (ML), LLMs (large language models) and AI
  • Oracle Database Administration (DBA)
  • Product management
  • Azure integration

2. Mid-Market Account Executive—HubSpot

Another high-paying remote job that is hiring right now is HubSpot's mid-market account executive role. The job pays handsomely, with the right candidate expecting to make between $130,000 to more than $200,000 annually within this role. Account executives who desire the coveted role at HubSpot must be high-achievers and extremely competitive, and have a strong track record of success.

The company makes it clear that they are looking for visionary sales professionals with leadership qualities such as proactiveness, creative thinking, and the boldness to make one's voice heard and bring something of value to the table to apply for this role—specifically stating: "Bring your thinking, strategies, and ideas to advance our company’s values, unique culture, and vision for the future."

It is also integral to HubSpot's culture to promote remote work in a way that benefits and encourages the best from all employees, as is apparent from this line in their job advert, specifying they want someone who "can effectively communicate with internal teams while being remote and working autonomously."

Last but not least, in addition to the core requirements of the role itself, HubSpot is keen to point out that anyone applying should possess high levels of emotional intelligence. This is detailed specifically when they state they are looking for someone who has "a positive outlook, growth mindset and a strong ability to take responsibility for their successes and failures."

HubSpot is itself known to be a leader in remote working, advocating for flexible work and supporting employees whether they desire to work hybrid, in-office, or fully remote.

This list of requirements from HubSpot emphasizes the importance of soft skills and cognitive skills in remote company culture; if you desire to land a high-paying remote job and thrive in your remote career, qualities such as communication skills, out-of-the-box thinking, proactiveness, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and ownership are skills that are valued most by employers. Look for ways to integrate examples of where you have demonstrated such skills, in your resume, job application questions, and especially your remote job interview.

3. Backend API Engineer, Payins—Stripe

This job listing for a backend API engineer is one of several jobs that are available as hybrid or fully remote at Stripe. The role functions as part of the payments team, known as Payins, and pays between $157,600 and $244,700.

What is interesting to note here with this job advert is that the company appears to be very transparent with what they are looking for in the role, so there is no guesswork.

For example, Stripe makes it clear what their minimum requirements are to be considered, and they also assure you that if you do not tick every box in the "Preferred Qualifications" section, you are still encouraged to apply as this is a bonus.

At the same time, it would make sense, if you do have the bonus qualification, to apply and ensure that this is highlighted clearly throughout your resume, as this could potentially make all the difference between sitting in the resume pile and actually getting called for an interview or progressing to the next stage.

Finally, when searching for a remote role, always remember to double-check what countries or regions are allowed for that specific job listing, or per the company policy. This is because it can be easy to get confused and assume that "remote" automatically qualifies your location for the role, when in fact, it may be limited to one or more specific regions due to HR regulatory geographical restraints.

And if you haven't quite found what you're looking for, don't lose hope. Keep searching, scroll through the career pages of these companies, and filter according to date posted (ideally focusing on the most recent within the past week), job level, function, and title...and of course, the remote location.

3 Fully Remote Jobs Hiring Now That Pay Up To $200,000+ In 2024 (2024)
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